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Tom Miller has been Authorized by EDM Arms as their field representative to sell the EDM Arms Windrunner M96 .50 Cal, XM .408 and .408 Chey-tac for $5000.00
(Suggested retail $6925.00)

This offer wont last long so call Tom Miller asap (760) 500-1151 OR email at TOMMILLER23@COX.NET

Bore Guide Sale

Custom AR-10 (.308 cal) and AR-15 (.223 & 5.56 calibers) full-length bore-guides in stock for $30.00 each plus 4.95 for shipping.
These bore-guides are precisely machined from Delrin and utilize an O ring to seal the guide in the chamber.
They are a "must have" for the proper cleaning of AR-10 and AR-15 style rifles.
Contact Tom at TOMMILLER23@COX.NET OR CALL 760-500-1151.

We currently have 24 of the Nightforce NXS 5.5 - 22 x 56mm scopes with the NPR1 lighted reticle for all the "Windrunner" models. The Nightforce scopes and rings are sold at the current M.A.A.P. price. Currently that price is $1765 for the standard NXS 5.5-22 x 56mm scope and $1959 for the zero stop version of this model.


  • Full-length bore-guide-$75 (for use when cleaning the barrel when it is attached to the receiver)
  • Chamber guide-$35 (for use when cleaning the barrel is detached from the receiver)
  • Cleaning rod stop ($10)
  • Custom nylon bristle bore brush -$15 (these brushes are custom made long and stiff nylon bristle brushes in .338 and .50 calibers)
  • Custom loading blocks-prices vary depending on the block dimensions and type of wood used. Our favorite is the 50 round block made with black walnut or oak, and made to fit perfectly inside a .30 cal military can. There are several other wood types available. (Email for information)
  • The 1.375 inch ultra-lite ring sets are $163. We will professionally lap the rings and mount the scope on one of our "Windrunners" (whichever model you have) and it will then be ready to install on the scope rail.
  • There is no additional charge for lapping the rings and mounting the scope or for shipping/insurance.
  • If you want the scopes professionally mounted that can be done as well at EDM's facility.
  • Please, no credit cards, but personal checks are fine.

Currently as of 11-04-12, We have in stock 16 zero stock versions of the NXS 5.5-22 x 56mm scope and 8 of the standard 5.5-22 x 56mm model.

To place an order, please call Tom Miller @ 760-500-1151, or email tommiller23@cox.net with any questions. We are standing by to take orders 24/7.

Annoucing the new Pivoting Bi-Pod for Windrunner Rifles!


Click on the pictures for larger versions, or see the news page for more information on this product!


EDM Arms is happy to announce new pricing on 50 BMG & XM 408!


A complete rifle for $6,550.00 US Price.

$7,600.00 outside of the US.

Whats included?

  • Mono Pod
  • Bi Pod
  • Picitiny Rail,
  • Muzzle Brake

Of Course at this rock bottom pricing we can not include any extras.

You can still purchase them at the same low prices we have always offered to our valued customers.


Featuring EDM ARMS Windrunner Tactical Takedown Rifles.