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Why Do You Need an Automatic Door?

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Automatic doors are a good substitute to a traditional door set-up, as they offer a wide range of benefits. In fact, when it comes to industrial and commercial door installations, automatic doors have become the trend to provide convenience, durability, more security, and easy maintenance.

There are also different varieties that clients can choose from: sliding doors, swing doors, and the list goes on. In addition to this, they can be equipped with the latest technology for more convenience.

Here, we will share with you some basic information about automatic doors and why you need to install one.

How do they work?

They have been used by different commercial establishments and buildings such as medical centers, shopping centers, and train stations as they automatically open up whenever people need passage. They operate with the sensing technology that is able to detect light, sound, motion, and weight. This makes the automatic doors very flexible. There are varieties that are ideal for shopping centers like that one that detects through weight.

Emergency Situations

These doors are very effective when it comes to emergency situations and quick evacuation. It can also be integrated into the fire exit to ensure that everyone gets to evacuate immediately when a fire incident occurs. It provides a handy and quick opening compared to traditional doors. Traditional doors need to be manually opened before someone can pass through.

On a different angle, it is also very effective in handling and holding fire to prevent it from spreading to different areas as the system can be set to close the door whenever there is a fire hazard. This can be integrated with a “breakaway” specification that allows someone to push the door whenever there is a need for passage.

Energy Consumption

Most people would tend to think about the energy and electricity needed to power the system, and this is what encourages some people to remain loyal to the traditional set-up. Surprisingly, automatic doors only require low energy settings thus making it cost-effective and convenient. For instance, low energy doors may require few sensors, while some may not at all. This platform allows you to save energy compared to suing fully automatic doors. It is also more environmentally friendly and cheaper.

Do you need it?

As mentioned, automatic doors are a great investment especially when you are doing business. It makes everyday activities more convenient and fast. Aside from this, automatic doors provide assistance in the management of security as security personnel is able to control it from afar, leaving them feeling safer whenever there is a threat. The doors are also very helpful when it comes to emergency situations, making sure that everyone will be able to evaluate the area whenever there is a fire or earthquake incident.

Final Thought

If you are planning on renovating your business, you might as well try to experience the benefits and convenience that automatic doors provide. It is guaranteed cost-effective and a great investment to your business over time.

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